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About Our Bank

The Company is in its 40th year of operations and can best be categorized as a growth company. The Bank has carved out a regional market niche by catering to businesses large and small who wish to take advantage of a local bank that offers all of the services that are expected from a larger organization. Since its inception, the company has a long and proud history of offering free checking to its customers. Caring for our customers' most basic financial needs serves as a daily reminder that we are privileged to have our customers' trust and that we must always put the needs of our customers first.

It is the specific goal of the Company to offer the services customers and clients expect from larger financial services firms in a community bank environment. That philosophy is embodied in the corporate theme "The Bank That Puts You First." To ensure that the company can meet this objective First Bank & Trust has partnered with outstanding providers to offer the following services in addition to traditional bank services. As a Member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, First Bank provides access to national funding sources.

Our accomplishments are a result of the satisfied customers we serve:

Forbes Magazine - First Bank & Trust Feature Article (opens in a new window)

Bauer Financial - 5 Star Superior Rating, September 2018

Our Vision

Our success hinges on satisfying our customers and helping them unlock the real value of their businesses.

Our Goals

We're committed to providing those in need with fast cash loans between $1000 and $35,000 when they need it most.

Our Partners

We live our values, attract and retain talent, encourage entrepreneurial spirit and are proud of our corporate culture and the integrity of our people

Worldwide Network

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